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What is the Right Price for an Analytical Instrument for Your Startup Lab?

by Stepan Reut

When you start a new lab, you know what you need, but what can you afford? Should you buy a new or used instrument?

Price. Buy an instrument that you can make money on. As a rule of thumb, your new instrument should cost about as much as the two-year revenue that you can make on this instrument. Example. Your lab outsources metal analysis to another lab, and you pay $15,000 a year for lead analysis. It is a good idea to invest up to 2*$15,000=$30,000 and buy a Flame AA.

New Instrument vs Refurbished. New instruments are more sensitive and productive than the older models. If you are in a very busy lab, then buy a new instrument. Your saving on maintenance and fewer lost hours will overweight the cost. If you are on the budget, then buy a used instrument. It will cost 30%-70% cheaper but will last another 10 years.

Don’ts: Do not buy cheap, it will not work; Do not buy scientific equipment from a non-name manufacturer – it will not work, Don’t buy the used instrument if you don’t know who will be fixing it.

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