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Why your Testing Laboratory should hire us to manage the Quality Assurance Program

by Stepan Reut

Hiring a third-party Quality Assurance (QA) manager instead of having one on the payroll can offer several key advantages for a laboratory. Here are the reasons why a laboratory should consider inviting our expert to manage your Quality System:

Specialized Expertise: The experienced third-party QA contractors brings years of specialized knowledge and expertise in quality assurance. We have worked with various laboratories and have a deep understanding of industry best practices and regulatory requirements. This level of expertise can be challenging to find in a full-time employee.

Rapid Problem Solving: Our QA managers have a wealth of experience in addressing common challenges faced by testing laboratories. They can quickly identify issues and provide fast-track solutions, helping the laboratory streamline its operations and maintain compliance with industry standards.

Efficient Development of Quality Manuals and SOPs: Establishing and updating quality manuals and standard operating procedures (SOPs) can be time-consuming. We can expedite this process, leveraging our experience to develop comprehensive, compliant documents efficiently.

Impartial Perspective: Our consultants can offer an impartial and objective opinion on laboratory business practices. We are not influenced by internal politics or biases, ensuring that quality-related decisions are made solely for the benefit of the laboratory’s operations and compliance.

Flexible Employment Terms: When you hire our QA manager, you have flexibility in terms of engagement. Laboratories can hire us for a specific period, adapting their services to the laboratory’s changing needs. This flexibility ensures that resources are allocated efficiently.

Tax-Deductible Service: The cost of hiring a third-party QA manager is tax-deductible as a business expense. This can provide financial benefits for the laboratory, reducing the overall cost of compliance and quality assurance efforts.

Cost-Effective Solution: Employing a full-time QA manager comes with significant costs, including salary, benefits, and overhead expenses. In contrast, hiring a third-party QA manager is a more cost-effective solution. Laboratories can access high-quality expertise without the long-term financial commitment associated with a full-time employee for 20-30% of the typical cost

Access to a Network: Third-party QA managers often have an extensive network of industry contacts. This network can be valuable for laboratories, providing access to additional resources, knowledge, and solutions beyond what an in-house QA manager may offer.

Focus on Core Competencies: Laboratories can focus on their core research and testing activities while outsourcing QA management to experts. This allows the laboratory staff to concentrate on their primary responsibilities, improving overall productivity and efficiency.

Mitigation of Personnel Risks: By hiring a third-party QA manager, laboratories reduce the risks associated with personnel turnover. They are not reliant on a single individual and can ensure continuity in their quality assurance efforts even if the contracted manager changes.

In conclusion, hiring a third-party Quality Assurance manager offers numerous advantages, including specialized expertise, rapid problem-solving, impartiality, flexibility, tax benefits, cost-effectiveness, and access to a network of industry professionals. These benefits make it a compelling option for laboratories looking to maintain high-quality standards and compliance while optimizing their operations.

After 40 years of Laboratory Managment and Quality Control, I can offer all my expertise to your laboratory. If your laboratory needs a third-party Quality Assurance I can offer online and in-person consulting. If you think that you can use my expertise, please contact me at your convenience.

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